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Russian girls are magnificent and 2018 is the year you finally wife among them up. To help you in this noble undertaking would be the top Russian dating websites.

Here are our picks for the best of the best and some sneaky insider hints to getting the maximum from this experience.

We are huge fans of this platform here at Real World Russia.

The leader among Russian dating websites will probably be going strong during the year. They have proven to be effective and dependable time over time.

Alright, perhaps I didn’t must place the ‘and that is amazing ‘ within this paragraph’s description. But Russian Cupid is truly a no hidden costs website. What do I mean?

Signing up is free. To contact another member at least among you should have a premium account. Because most girls won’t pay for premium, you need the update if you are going to have some success in finding a Russian girlfriend.

There are two degrees of premium account — the Gold and the PlatinumCard. You are alright with Gold starters if you feel you need the features of this Platinum you can always update.

The cost per month gets lower the longer you subscribe to. A Gold account only sets you back $11.67/month should you pay for the whole calendar year. That is probably what you spend on coffee every week. Pretty cheap if you ask me!

Once you get a membership, you are all set. The importance of money is amazing.

As with some of the premium Russian dating websites, the girls are relationship-oriented and in most cases, they are wanting to start a family. Russian Cupid is a superb way to meet your future Russian wife.

Not so much so for locating a friend with benefits.

Oh, and be ready for her to expect romance and to take her sweet time.

Russian girls are not all around foreigners like some Russian dating websites would have you believe. They really need to have to know you before you proceed. Which is yet another reason to pay for more membership. You will need that time.

Subscribe to Russian Cupid here.

Technically, Tinder must not qualify for this list. It isn’t a site, it’s an app and it’s not to get Russians only.

Tinder is enormous and it’s not going anyplace in 2018. There are, however, some peculiarities to using it in Russia.

The uncomfortable truth that girls have to live with is that there are just ten of them for each nine guys. An individual will inevitably wind up alone. Russian girls have it worse, with the country having one of the largest gender imbalance trouble in the world.

We have touched on this issue in prior articles. Actually, as a Western man in Russia, this really is an advantage. If only you understood how distressed Russian women are for good guys! Maybe not absolutely great guys, just male people which are preferably not drinking themselves to an early grave. Russian dating websites reflect that desperation, but Tinder is where it actually peaks.

The gender disparity is so enormous that Russian Tinder will probably be kid ‘s drama for you.

Dozens upon dozens of girls, all pretty desperate to meet a guy. Or a reasonably cute guy. Or a man that doesn’t look like that he ‘ll kill themcut off their faces, and utilize them as a mask. Something like that.

So actually, the biggest appeal of Tinder among the greatest Russian dating websites is that it’s so easy. Granted, it is possible to only use it when you are in the country (without updating to one of the premium plans) but you will be amazed by how efficient it proves.

Oh, and the girls seem to all be real–the number or bots in existence sending junk messages appears to be noticeably lower than many other countries. That is just personal observation.

To learn Tinder, I’d highly suggest checking out this manual.

Out of our favorite Russian dating websites, Anastasia Date is among the cheapest and it’s the exact reverse of no hidden expenses. You do need to pay for messages, little gifts, bigger gifts, etc..

The reason we love this page is their complex anti-scammer policy. Not only do they constantly monitor users and take action at the slightest sign of scammer trends, they also go the extra mile before allowing girls on the stage.

Anastasia Date (and their sister site Russian Brides which we will talk about in a bit) double check the identity of all female members. They operate with reputable recruiting agencies and they don’t accept outside members, which is already enough measure. But they also do the background checks on the girls themselves. They’re among the few websites which have dedicated fulltime anti-scam team.

In terms of profile caliber, Anastasia Date only accepts the best of the best. Oh, and did I mention that it isn’t only Russian ladies. They have loads of members from all around Eastern Europe. If Russian girls are the sole target, great, you will find thousands of them . If you are also into Ukrainians/Belarusians/Serbians… then even better!

I’ll be the first one to acknowledge it. Russian Brides is nowhere as popular as Anastasia Date. That is why I felt like shouting ‘Eurika! ‘ when I stumbled upon it.

We already did a complete review on Russian Brides if you want to learn more. But essentially, Russian Brides is your greatest market dating site.

I have begun to realise that for guys reading our page it’s because they need a Russian wife. And that’s wonderful. Russian girls are:

Supermodel looks Sweet and affectionate Well-educated, very smart Family-oriented Very faithful.

Who would not want a wife like that?

Except, in spite of popular belief, it isn’t quite as easy to get russian dating sites a mail-order bride. Marriage is a big deal, folks. Although to be honest, they are inclined to become prepared at a significantly younger age than Western girls.

Russian Dating websites which are too generic can be tricky to navigate. You’ve decided you need to wed and you don’t need to waste more time. When you select Russian Brides instead, the dating process is a whole lot more intentional and carefree.

I feel like a broken record on that one. The guys frequently have alcohol issues, they cheat, domestic abuse is almost the standard. Lots of Russian girls are trying to find foreigners for marriage.

One neat thing about Russian dating websites is that folks are very simple on them.

If she is on Russian Brides, she’s not just trying to find a penpal. Granted, the Russian Brides database is a little smaller than the Anastasia Date one. But all of the girls there are looking to settle down. No more time-wasters, no leading you on, only genuine look for the man that will make them joyful.

You can’t talk about Russian dating websites without any mentioning Mamba. It’s a social network focused on dating and it’s what the locals use. Launched back in 2002, Mamba is also the oldest of the Russian dating websites on our list.

The risks of online dating are nothing new but Mamba might end up being a bit riskier than other websites. For starters, it was designed with Russian individuals in mind. You will have difficulty calling customer support, and getting in touch with an English-speaking representative is nearly impossible.

As an obviously foreign man on Mamba, you become easy prey for scammers. Unlike compensated Russian dating websites, Mamba has very little anti-scam action going on. You will need to protect yourself. Which, in most cases, means not being stupid. Here is a list of things that are stupid and you should not do them on Mamba:

Produce a profile if you are married. You might believe that should they don’t find your face, you are safe. No, you are not. Sooner or later someone is going to learn that you are married (since you let it slip during a 3 AM conversation ) and the blackmail starts. Even about nasty stuff like household disasters. Don’t be gullible. Start speaking by email. Yes, there’s a way for tech-savy folks to find your exact location by simply sending you an email. Stick to the Mamba messaging system. Give any sort of personal info. Why would you do that to a stranger on the Internet?

And there you have it. Our best Russian dating websites for 2018. If we neglected to mention your favorite one. . .you understand the drill, talk about it in the remarks below.

PS: While you will find five on this list, I’d recommend signing up for the free Russian Cupid accounts first of all. Browsing is free and you’re able to see if the site tickles your fancy. Subscribe for your free account .

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2018 is the year you finally wife up a Russian girl. To help you in this noble undertaking would be the top Russian dating websites.

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